English Lit Knowledge Organisers for Revision

You must each complete two knowledge organisers IN DETAIL.

One will be for Love through the Ages.

One will be for WW1 and the Aftermath.

You must refer to AT LEAST two poems for each.

This is not about writing  analysis but identifying common themes/ideas/strands across the texts and identifying powerful quotations which exemplify your points.  Essentially, you are thinking analytically but the spaces on the sheets need you to encapsulate your ideas neatly so that the ideas are distilled and so can be remembered  under pressure in the exam.

Y13 Life Class

The best use of your time for this week will be to reread the text from the start and make sure your reading log is clear so that you will be able to check back for revision.

MD and MB – I need your work on Sassoon and Owen.  You should have received this from GH during Wednesday’s lesson.

HG – I need your essay on The Awakening and the poetry.  You will also need to ensure you have read to the end of Chapter 20.

Life Class

Reread the opening 4 chapters of Life Class and ensure you have made notes.  Then read to the end of Chapter 7, again making notes as you go along.  Your notes should be character development, recurring motifs, foreshadowing, contextual etc.

If you owe me an essay, this needs to come in as well 🙂