Research the different types of computer screens available and produce a short report on the following features: method of display, resolution, picture quality, screen size, effect of price on quality.

Year 12 ICT

Year 12 ICT

Put the notes given into an A4 ring binder. Complete the uses, advantages and disadvantages sheets for keyboard, numeric keypad, mouse and touchpads making sure that your answers show technical knowledge and understanding.

Mock revision

for paper 1 students need to revise the following:

Edward the confessor and his control over England

1066-1087 – William the Conqueror

Rufus and the Church 1087-1100

Source Evaluation – Rufus

students are to complete the evaluation question from p339 (sources are on p337 – make sure you use the right ones!).

We have gone through this in class and students also have a “how to do” sheet which they must follow