Mathematics All years

Maths work

All classes have work set

  1. Mathswatch – videos and worksheets years 7 8 9 10 and 11
  2. Corbett maths – videos and worksheets
  3. Maths genie -A Level maths work
  4. Worksheets issued to pupils at school
  5. Moodle – you login with your name and year of entry.
  6. Please contact us if you have any queries. Thank you and stay safe from Ms Auchterlonie


11 Biology

All pupils have a mastery booklet (referred to as SLOP – shed loads of practice!) for the current module on Inheritance and Evolution. This provides notes and practice – partly for use in class but also for ongoing homework.

The first 100 questions should be completed for Monday. Some of this was set before Christmas.

Doddle revision quiz

Complete the doddle revision quiz about speed and acceleration.

You must get over 80%. If your score is below this you need to repeat the quiz until you reach 80%.

any problems with logging in, completing the quiz or resetting it, come and see me.

Year 11 Food coursework

Complete task analysis and all research for your chosen project. Task choices attached below:

Task choices 2019-2020

Use the tick list and timeline attached to help complete the research. Research should be no more than 2 sides of A4.

11A NEA 1 Investigation task – Student checklist and timeline

Here is a template booklet that can be used to work into to help with the layout of the project:

Food investigation task template booklet

Lots of project examples available in the food room.

Year 11 ICT (Mrs Cook’s group)

Year 11 ICT (Mrs Cook’s group)

Choose one of these websites:

Examine one of these websites using the headings: Analysis, Name of product reviewed, Platform viewed on, Delivery method, Purpose, Target audience, House style, User interface, Layout, Navigation methods, Media used, Accessibility.