Y9/1 Geog

Use textbook p70/71 to complete your case study on the Thar desert.

Be sure to explain how/why the desert provides opportunities for development. This means developing your points into linked sentences, showing how money can be made.
e.g. The Thar desert provides opportunities for development due to its mineral reserves. For example, there are reserves of gypsum, which is used in making plaster in the construction industry.
Minerals are exported around the world, providing local employment, as well as generating government income through taxes. This can be used to improve services such as education.

  • Subsistence farming:
  • Irrigation and commercial farming:
  • Mineral extraction:
  • Energy:
  • Tourism:

9/2 Geog

Research two animals from the tropical rainforest. Describe and explain how they are adapted to the environment.

Need to stick in or sketch an image to go with written work