11D Geog

Produce a detailed poster for the UK government, to show the strategies being used to reduce regional differences in the UK (P248/9)

  • You must describe (using examples) each strategy
  • You must then explain how this may reduce regional differences (reduce the north-south divide)


  • Local Enterprise Partnerships (inc. Lancashire example)
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Transport improvements
  • ‘Northern Powerhouse’
  • Encouragement of foreign investment

11D French – Mr Mills

Write your “environnement” essay in your best book. Use the essay prompt sheet and the oral notes to help you. Use the AVOCADO strip to ensure that your work is complex enough.

Year 11D French Mr Mills

Complete answers for the 2 oral questions on the environment which we covered in the lesson. You need a minimum of 100 words for the 2 answers. Use vocab from the sheet we went through in class.