Y11 Mock No 2

This set is having their Paper 3 Mock during morning registration and their first history lesson.

Therefore they need to revise everything on Weimar and Nazi Germany for this mock.


American West:

  • 2 consequences of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851
  • Narrative Account – growth of the cattle industry 1865-74
  • Importance of: Plains Indians’ beliefs about land and nature for relations between them and settlers
  • Importance of: Timber Culture Act for settlement
  • Importance of: Johnson County War for relations between homesteaders and cattlemen

Crime and Punishment:

  • Whitechapel: Workhouses and immigrants
  • One similarity between smuggling in the 1700s and smuggling in the 190ss
  • New definitions of crime (new types of crime and why) against authority between 1500-1700, including heresy, poaching, begging
  • Change in number of witchcraft accusations 1500-1700, including religious reasons, the role of the monarch, social reasons
  • Important features of punishment (penal system) 1500-1900 – which was the most important? – including: public execution, transportation, prison (11B ONLY)


All students should have their books and revision guides have been available to buy for the past 12 months. There are also revision sheets on the school website under students, revision, history