Year 11B French Ms Rowan

Learn the next series of words for a vocab test (La Planete en danger).

Start to rough draft the oral questions for the environment – this can be done over the next two weeks.

11B French Ms Rowan

Learn the environment vocab ready for a test on Friday.

Work on the environment booklet to practise this vocabulary in a word puzzle format.

Also, continue with preparation of all general conversation oral questions.

Hitler opposition essay

Students are to answer the 12 mark essay question from p104 of textbooks. They can see me regarding support before Monday. It should be around a page long and have 3 reasons (causes) linked to the question

11B French Ms Rowan

Write on A4 paper.

Write an essay about what you eat and drink by answering the 6 questions on the sheet, giving a variety of tenses (present, past and future) and opinions.

Use all of the worksheets and key phrases to help you.

Aim to write about 250 words.

Source Evaluation Exam-style question

students are to complete the exam-style question from the blue box p71 of textbook. They need to remember to use the system already shown to evaluate both content and provenance of each source.

Any issues, they can see me any lunchtime except Monday – Y11 revision!

11B French Ms Rowan

Complete the three oral questions about charity work in ROUGH ready for the speaking lesson as we will be focusing on this topic.

You will need to have your answers ready for then to use in the lesson.