Interpretations 16 mark exam-style question

Students are to complete the 16 mark question from page 6 of their paper 3 practice questions booklet. It is Q3 at the top of the page. They also have a copy of how to anwer this question and we went through paragraph starters in class today.

Students should also use their exercise books and look at the “perfect” answer that they have in their book.

Any issues, students can see me any lunchtime

Y11 Revision

Students are to revise the following topics. They have a copy of this too:

Paper 1: Crime, Punishment and the Historical Environment. 1hr15mins

  • Poverty and crime in Whitechapel
  • Vigilance Committee
  • Tolpuddle Martyrs and Conscientious Objectors – how each were treated by the government: what was similar and what was different. This is an addition to the original list…….
  • Policing 1900-present day
  • Law enforcement change/continuity Saxon-Norman England
  • Type and cause of crime 1500-1900

Paper 2: American West & Anglo-Saxon and Norman England. 2 papers to be done in any order in 1hr45mins. That means 55mins per paper.

American West:

  • Consequences of the Fort Laramie Treaty 1868
  • Narrative Account of the Mormon migration 1846-7
  • Importance of: changes in ranching for cowboys; the Exoduster movement for the growth of settlement; the extermination of the buffalo on the Plains Indian’s way of life

Anglo-Saxon & Norman England:

  • 2 features of castles
  • Why there was a succession crisis in 1066
  • The reasons for the failure of the Revolt of the Earls 1075
  • Consequences of the Domesday Book