Year 11 Chemistry February 2020 Half Term Revision work

As a start to your revision for the exams in May, you should revise the first 5 chemistry topics: Atomic Structure, Bonding, Quantitative Chemistry, Chemical Changes and Energy Changes.

Below are links to the specifications, BBC Bitesize revision website and, for each topic, a checklist & some questions (some of these “quickfire question sheets have a linked YouTube video).

Of course, if you want to continue and have a look at the other topics as well then that is fine.

GCSE Specification (first 5 topics)

BBC Bitesize Revision

1. Atomic structure & Periodic Table checklist

1. Atomic Structure & Periodic Table QuickFire Questions

2. Bonding Checklist

2. Bonding, Structure & Properties QuickFire Questions

3. Quantitative Checklist

3. Quantitative QuickFire Questions

4. Chemical Changes Checklist

4. Chemical Changes QuickFire Questions

5. Energy Changes Checklist

5. Energy Changes QuickFire Questions

11 Biology

All pupils have a mastery booklet (referred to as SLOP – shed loads of practice!) for the current module on Inheritance and Evolution. This provides notes and practice – partly for use in class but also for ongoing homework.

The first 100 questions should be completed for Monday. Some of this was set before Christmas.