Policing through time

Students are to complete all questions from question sheet on policing. They have everything they need and can see me lunchtimes before the lesson if they require help

Witchcraft essay

Students are to complete the 16 mark question from p67 of textbooks on witchcraft trials. They must remember to argue the importance of more than just religion and make a judgement on which was the most important reason. That may be religion, or it may be another factor. Comparing the importance of the various reasons is the key to success.

Any issues, students are to see me before next Wednesday at any lunchtime except Mondays (due to Y11 revision)


students are to complete all questions from worksheet up to the title: Jack the Ripper Murders. Any problems they can see me before the due date

year 10 Revision

Reminder of revision – Anglo-Saxon and Norman England.

Attached below is a copy of the key question sheet students have been handed out. They should know the exact topics as I went through this in class. See also earlier homework post for this class.

They should also revise the skills sheet, also attached.

Anglo-S key questions

How to P2


Students have been given their revision for Y10 mocks. They will be completing Paper 2:

American West:

Consequences of the Gold Rush on migration

Narrative Account on conflicts between Plains Indians and Whites 1862-4

Importance of: Plains Indians’ beliefs about land and nature on relations with settlers, importance of the Timber Culture Act on the settlement of the Plains, importance of the Johnson County War on relations between homesteaders and cattlemen

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England:

Features of the role of tenants-in-chief

Why Anglo-Saxon monarchs had power

Reasons why William won and Harold lost at Hastings

Results of the Harrying of the North

Students should also revise their Paper 2 How to answer the questions booklet they’ve been given