Nazi Control: Propaganda and Censorship

Students are to complete any work that is incomplete or missing due to absence.

Work from Thursday’s lesson was on Propaganda and Censorship. Students are to make notes on:

Propaganda: rallies, radio, newspapers, film

Censorship: theatre, art, architecture, literature

They have been given the relevant page numbers from their textbooks. Any issues, see me

Students should also complete the 1st 2 pages of the booklet on Nazi Opposition. They can write their answers either in their books or on the worksheet. It is on the Church and Youth

Hitler: From Chancellor to Dictator

Students are to complete all questions up to the END of the “Night of the Long Knives” section. All have the question sheet and textbooks.

The remaining 3 questions on the “Death of Hindenburg” are to be completed for the Friday (4/10)

Hitler’s Road to becoming Chancellor

Students have started the following; homework is to complete it:

They are to read p67-70 and do a “road to Hitler becoming Chancellor.” This means in the front of their books, on a double clean page, they are to draw a road which has a slight bend in the middle. This should be drawn half-way down and across both pages. I have drawn one on the board for you to copy. Then, put the dates on the timeline from p67 across the road, alternating above and below – Finally, for each date, write down what happens and how it helps Hitler become Chancellor. This should be in detail.