GCSE Bitesize > English literature> Edexcel>Shakespeare>Macbeth


Act 1 (so up until, but not including, the death of Duncan)

Characters – Macbeth, Duncan and the witches.

Y10 Joe Le Taxi

As well as revising A Christmas Carol, please make sure you have learned the structure of Joe le Taxi.  This includes pathetic fallacy, introduction of characters, shift in perspective, dialogue and mirroring.


For the Havana travel writing, decide:

What is the writer wanting to tell us?

Why does the writer want us to know?

What does the writer want us to feel about this?


These ideas will help you come up with three or so abstract nouns or adjectives that best sum up the writer’s viewpoints and perspectives on the subject.

Joe Le Taxi

Check back though your Joe Le Taxi and edit is specifically focusing on accurate punctuation.


Are your apostrophes used correctly for both belonging and elision (like doesn’t = does not)?


If you’ve used exclamation marks, replace them with powerful vocabulary.


A semi-colon links two closely related sentences.  Could you use one?


Rhetorical questions can be used, but limit them.

A Christmas Carol – Scrooge

Use the final section (18) to answer fill in the grid about Scrooge as a changed character.  You have a basic, entry-level example of analysis here.  I expect you ALL to be working far above this level. Use the analysis mats attached and all key words to really extend your ideas when writing about all 5 quotations and what they show.