Y10 art

Make sure your books are up to date. Use the tick list to check off tasks that should have been completed.

Decorated your front cover to match your theme
Set yourself up on Pinterest, looked at the Y10 interesting sketchbooks and added some to the board yourself
Pencil drawing/s
Ink drawings—nib, pen or stick with Indian Ink or Quink ink
Mono-prints—produced, developed (i.e. with pen, colour) and glued into book
Moodboard in sketchbook
Produced interesting backgrounds
Acrylic painting
Watercolour painting

Set up Pinterest Account and print images

Set up a Pinterest account. Follow Mrs Truch, at which point she will request you to join the Y10 group and then you can add to the Y10 Interesting Sketchbooks board.

Print off a page of images relating to your chosen topic (not necessarily the ones off the above board) – Fastenings, Steampunk, Nature or Butterflies and Bugs. We will use these to draw from and add them to your sketchbooks.

Please remember to bring one of your sketchbooks to your lesson on Monday.