Nettles and Valentine image strips

Kamikaze and CotLB poetry strips


My sample for different poems is in the link above.  Remember that you will need to write the language method (metaphor, alliteration etc) used in the central column rather than copying the example.

You need to fill in the first two columns but leave the third blank.  These need to be printed out -preferably in colour- for Tuesday’s lessons.


My Last Duchess.


Using Mr Bruff, Stacey Reay and GCSE Bitesize (you can use AQA or Edexcel for this), you need to annotate directly into your anthology.

Animal Farm

Using wiki draw, draw an animal of your choice and do exactly as we did for Boxer.  So, you will need to Google some key quotations for that animal and then add a list of abstract nouns and adjectives which best sum up their character.

The Golden Destination

The Golden Destination work needs to be written up in neat in your book. You will need to focus on really allowing your reader to get into your mind’s eye.  It is vital to think about effective description and avoiding repetition.  There needs to be a range of sentence structures and punctuation on display.

Golden Destination

I set you homework on Thursday based on the image and instructions given on The Golden Destination.  I explained to you that it didn’t need to be in neat because we would edit it and copy it up, but that it would need to be very carefully though out.  Vary sentence length for impact and it is absolutely vital that you scan for patterns to make sure that you are effectively varying your vocabulary.  Think about really working with the mind’s eye to enable your reader to get a clear picture of your destination.

Jane Eyre revision

Revise for the exam on Tuesday.  You have your books with examples of the rainbow analysis and the sample opener: The impression the writer creates through this extract is… etc

If you scroll through my posts, you will also find images of the analysis mats to help you revise academic language.    You also have your Jane Eyre booklet so make sure you engage with what you’ve already written in it.