Causes of World War 2 – the Road to War

Students are to complete their posters on the causes of WW2 – they have information booklets and are working in pairs. Any issues with working together, they can see me any lunchtime to work, to access pens, or get help. This was given out as homework in class on Monday

Spelling meanings

1st 15 spellings from sheet at the back of their exercise books – up to tactics – to do the meanings of all these words. They can come up lunchtime to borrow dictionaries

Slave’s Story

Students are to complete their story of a slave. Min 2 pages of exercise book; max 3 pages. It should include how the person was captured and taken to the coast in West Africa, the Middle Passage, the slave market and life on the plantation in the West Indies, inluding punishments, health and jobs. It can be done in present or past tense, as a diary or a story, in the 1st or 3rd person. It must include precise evidence

Cawnpore Poem

Students are to complete their poem on Cawnpore and the massacre there during the Indian Mutiny of the 1850s. They are to make sure that they put in precise detail on what happened at Cawnpore, and that this is in chronological order. The poem does not need to rhyme or follow any grammatical rules!

Students have the information sheet to help them. They can also come up any lunchtime for help or to use felts

Narrative Account: Women’s suffrage

Students are to use their Road to Suffrage picture and writing in their exercise books to complete the 1st 3 pages of their assessment booklet: their Narrative Account which is a written timeline of events that led to women getting the vote. We went over this in class, but anyone needing support can see me at lunchtime for support. They also have an information booklet