Y9 Collect Images for Collage

Think of a theme for your collage page in the style of Teesha Moore. Print off or cut out of magazines images to use next lesson. You will be working on A3 paper so the images need to be quite big.

Also, find a quote to write on the page.

See imagery below to remind yourself the style of the collage.

Teesha Moore imagery


The Golden Years Weimar Germany – the economy and society

Students are to complete the grid on this topic. They know what to do and where to get the information from – either they have taken pictures of the relevant pages or they can come up any lunchtime except Mon 3rd-Wed 5th to borrow a book. Some students are doing the work in their book instead, either as bullet points or full paragraphs.

Year 9 (group 2) French


Title is The Near Future (Le Futur Proche)

Using page 137 in your Expo 3 textbooks, copy out the notes on the near future tense. Think about using a highlighter or different colour for the points in bold.

Write out and complete the questions 1-10. Underline the word you put on the line. This will either be a part of ‘aller’ or an infinitive . Use the booklet of sheets from the lessons this week to help you.

Year 9 (group 2) French

Page 141 in Expo 3 Textbook.

In NEAT, copy up all notes on reflexive verbs.

All: complete the exercises 1-5 in the first orange box. Use page 14 of grammar books to help.

Some: In ROUGH, complete the second orange box, changing the verbs in to the perfect/past tense. Use page 13 of grammar books to help.

Year 9 (group 2) French Ms Rowan

La Musique

Either; complete a rough draft in your jotter of a paragraph about your musical tastes using the prompt sheet to help.

Or; copy up your rough draft in to neat. Remember to write and underline the date and title. Be careful with accents and spellings.

Yr 9 (group 2) French Ms Rowan

Complete a paragraph in jotters to describe your musical tastes. Use the prompt sheet for ideas.

Ext: try to add some past tenses to your work and a range of adjectives.

Title is La Musique.

Write approx. 100 words.