The Road to World War 2 – Causes

Students are to complete their poster on the causes of World War 2 – the road to war.

They have the information sheet – there are 6 sections.

They can use my room at lunchtimes to work in their pairs, get help, or use felts, rulers, etc

WW1 spelling test

Students are to learn the 1st 15 words/phrases from their 2nd key word sheet, titled 1914-45. This goes up to and including the word “tactic”. These sheets have been stuck into the back of their exercise books

Why was the slave trade abolished?

Students are to complete their poster on why the slave trade ended looking at 3 reasons:

White campaigners: Granville Sharp, the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade and petitions

Black Peoples’ Actions: Olaudah Equiano and slave rebellions – Haiti


Students have taken pictures of information from the board and from the textbook. They can also see me for access to books or for help any lunchtime

The Slave’s Story

Students are to complete their story of a slave. Min 2 pages of exercise book; max 3 pages. It should include how the person was captured and taken to the coast in West Africa, the Middle Passage, the slave market and life on the plantation in the West Indies, inluding punishments, health and jobs. It can be done in present or past tense, as a diary or a story, in the 1st or 3rd person. It must include precise evidence

Cawnpore Poem

Students are to complete their poem on the Cawnpore Massacre. They have the information sheet and they should know what they are doing. If they need help, or felts, etc, they can see me any lunchtime before the lesson for this