8 Volta Science

Use the internet to research about some elements. There are many suitable sites, e.g. www.ptable.com , http://www.rsc.org/periodic-table , http://elements.wlonk.com/ (more basic and colourful), www.chem4kids.com

Produce a Word doc that can be printed and added to books. DO NO COPY AND PASTE. Some may choose to write directly into books if they wish.

For each:



Atomic number

State where it is in the periodic table

Physical properties including melting point, boiling point, colour

Interesting facts (at least 2 per element)



They should do at least one each of the following (i.e. 5 minimum):

  • An alkali metal (group 1)
  • A non-metal that is not in group 0
  • A transition metal
  • A noble gas (group 0)
  • A halogen (group 7)


Story of a sound wave

Use the structure strip and the writing help sheet to write the story of ‘the journey of a wave’. Remember it needs to be scientifically accurate as well as an engaging piece of writing.