Variables questions

All need to complete the core questions (qu 1). I would like some of you to have a go at the challenge questions as well (qu 2).

All answers can be written on the sheet.

Any problems- see me, go to homework club or come to science homework club on Friday lunchtime.

Y8 Pattern development

Using the two traced shapes (larger ones drawn on the tracing paper) developed in the lesson today create at least 3 different pattern combinations mixing together the two different shapes. Think about rotational symmetry. Add colour to at least 2 of them with colouring pencils. Select 2 complementary colours (opposite in colour wheel), i.e. red and green, blue and orange or yellow and purple.

You could try outlining shapes in the colours and leaving them hollow or filling them with solid shade. Advanced colouring would include blending the colours from light to dark. If you select Red and Green you could blend pink into deep red and lime into emerald or forest green. Be sure to stay in the lines!!!!

8 Volta Science

Use the internet to research about some elements. There are many suitable sites, e.g. , , (more basic and colourful),

Produce a Word doc that can be printed and added to books. DO NO COPY AND PASTE. Some may choose to write directly into books if they wish.

For each:



Atomic number

State where it is in the periodic table

Physical properties including melting point, boiling point, colour

Interesting facts (at least 2 per element)



They should do at least one each of the following (i.e. 5 minimum):

  • An alkali metal (group 1)
  • A non-metal that is not in group 0
  • A transition metal
  • A noble gas (group 0)
  • A halogen (group 7)