Road to the Reformation

Students are to complete their “Road” on the changes in the church from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, including Edward VI and Mary I. They are to write in detail about what each did to the church and whether they were Catholic or Protestant.

They have an information sheet to help, which is also attached below:Information on the Reformation

Lady Anne Clifford

Lady Anne Clifford Research

The above attachment is what students have been given to help them with their research project.

It can be handed in any time before the deadline – as students are not at school in 2 weeks, I have extended this to given them time to complete it; otherwise it would have to be completed in a week.

The work needs to be either 1.5 pages of their exercise books long – minimum. Or they can do it on computers – only on Word or equivalent and font size 14 maximum and only on Times New Roman, Aerial or Comic Sans MS. This is to be 1 page of A4 minimum with no gaps between lines.

Any issues with printing off work from computers can be solved by either doing the work at school, or sending it completed to my school email address which they should have copied down: Or simply by writing it out in their exercise books, which they should all have!

Students also have plenty of time to see me for any help

Tudor Estate Agent poster

Students are to complete a poster selling a late Tudor house. It must include emotive language, persuading the reader to buy the house by emphasising all the ‘mod-cons’ available at this time in a modern Tudor house. They have taken photos of any information needed, or students can come up any lunchtime to access textbooks, felts, or ask for help

Pattern Development

Using the two traced shapes (larger ones drawn on the tracing paper) developed in the lesson today create at least 3 different pattern combinations mixing together the two different shapes. Think about rotational symmetry. Add colour to at least 2 of them with colouring pencils. Select 2 complementary colours (opposite in colour wheel), i.e. red and green, blue and orange or yellow and purple.

You could try outlining shapes in the colours and leaving them hollow or filling them with solid shade. Advanced colouring would include blending the colours from light to dark. If you select Red and Green you could blend pink into deep red and lime into emerald or forest green. Be sure to stay in the lines!!!!

Factory short story

Students are to complete a short story on life in a mill in the 1800s. We have discussed how to do this in class and students have 3 sheets – 2 for information and 1 with the success criteria on it. The minimum is 1.5 pages of their exercise books.

How did 13 year olds spend their time in the 1800s?

Students are to complete worksheet 24, following the instructions. I have also gone through this in class. They have been told if they need plain paper for their own 24 hour clock, to get it from my room.

Students have been given an extra week to do this homework due to me being on a school trip when they next have history. Therefore there’s no excuses for not doing it! Any “lost” sheets can be replaced before the lesson so students should complete it well in advance – they can hand it to me if completed early!