British science week poster

Use the worksheet as a guide.

Design a poster about a journey. It can be about a famous journey, journey to space, life cycle of an animal or anything you can think of.

You can do it by hand or using the computer. If you need paper or equipment come and see me.

Research on coal

Carry out some research on coal and the formation of coal. Use the sheet given to you in the lesson as guidance. If you have lost the sheet come and see me for another one.

You can write your findings in your book or type them up on the computer and print it out.

Topic test

Use the revision sheet given to you in class and the quizzes on doddle learn to help you revise for the cells topic test on Friday.

Go to

The institution is Appleby Grammar school. You should have written down your log in details in your planner. Any problems, come and see me.

Biscuit investigation

Complete your investigation write up for the biscuit experiment.

Remember you will need: The question, a hypothesis, the apparatus, the hazards, the variables, a step by step method, the results table. Your graph needs to be glued in. You then need a conclusion. Extra is an evaluation.