Electricity Story

Write a story as if you were a charged particle in a circuit. Use the vocab and ideas sheets from the lesson. Make it scientifically accurate as well as exciting and engaging.

7 Priestley Science

Use the internet to research the life and work of Joseph Priestley (whom their Science set is named after) to prepare to write an obituary for a newspaper. Whilst researching, make rough notes in the back of books.

  • Title: An Obituary for Joseph Priestley
  • Write and obituary for a newspaper – give it a name and a date shortly after Priestley’s death.
  • Write an obituary in continuous prose. Check spellings and punctuate. The work will be marked for SPAG and spelling corrections written out 3 times. DO NOT copy directly from the internet.
  • They should include:
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Birth place
  • An outline of his work and why he is famous.

7 Priestley Science

Complete 3 tasks set at www.pearsonactivelearn.com

All have login details in planners, Each task has 3 levels (developing, securing or exceeding). Only one level needs to be completed. Students have received guidance on this.

7 Priestley

For the experiment:

1 Write a method (instructions) giving full details

2. Plot a bar chart of the mean results (and show range bars)

3 Write a conclusion to say whether the hypothesis is supported or disproved