What happened in the lesson

Students are to write a paragraph about what happened during their History lesson p2 Monday 12th.

There is a reason for this that will be revealed on Wednesday – which is normally a Geography lesson, but I want the homework to have a quick turnaround.

It is also nothing to do with any issues!

French – Mr Mills 07M

Complete the writing exercises in your JOTTER. We have stuck instructions into your jotter, but here they are below :

All students In your JOTTER . Write out 2 sentences for each picture, describing the person’s brothers and sisters. Come to see Mr Mills in room 03 if you get stuck.
Most students In your JOTTER – Use the vocab to write two sentences about your own brothers and sisters. Make use of extra vocab such as “demi-frère” etc. if necessary.
Some students In your JOTTER – choose a famous person and describe his brothers and sisters. Instead of “j’ai” (I have) use “il a” (he has) or “elle a” (she has).


Students are to complete, on the sheet, the questions to do with scale in a classroom.

Any issues, or lost sheets – see me any lunchtime

Celtic Warrior

Students are to complete a Celtic Warrior description using the written description given – highlighted bits are what they need to include.

The poster must be neat and colourful  – felt tips can be used in my room any lunchtime if a student has none at home. It must NOT be done on computer.

To succeed, the warrior must be:

  • tall
  • have blond hair off the forehead
  • have a beard and moustache around his mouth
  • be scary
  • have a checked or striped cloak, pinned with a brooch at one shoulder
  • have a brightly-coloured shirt, embroidered with a pattern

Mr Mills French 7M and 7K

Complete the tasks on the sheet and in your jotter. We stuck the instructions in your JOTTER.

All students On the worksheet, complete exs 1 and 2 . Ex 1 – each day of the week goes on the grid somewhere. Ex 2 – unscramble the words. Come to see Mr Mills in room 03 if you get stuck.
Most students On the worksheet, complete ex 3. Write out the date in words. Remember not to use a capital letter for the start of each month.
Some students In your jotter, write down the birthday of 5 famous people.   Eg. “Je m’appelle Harry Styles, mon anniversaire, c’est le premier février.”

My settlement

Students are to complete the following:

Find a picture of your own ‘place’ (town or village) and describe what it is like.

Then label both physical and human characteristics.

You can use a digital camera, search the internet or draw it by hand


A copy is stapled in their planners.Any issues, see me any lunchtime

Year 07 French – 7M

Learn the spellings of the numbers 1-20. Do you best, but don’t worry. There will be 3 levels of test – easier, medium and harder, and you can pick which one you tackle.

Use Quizlet to help you – the URL is :


07M French

Complete the “Je m’appelle ..” worksheet in your best book.

In your jotter you have stuck in notes of what to do.