King John & Edward I

Students are to make sure Q2, Q3, Q5a from the worksheet are completed. Any issues, see Mrs Cullen at lunchtimes.

Students are also to complete their sections on what happened in Wales and Scotland under Edward I. Minimum is half a page for each. Some are doing this in bullet points, most are writing in full sentences. Again, to access textbooks or help, see Mrs Cullen at lunchtimes

Weather Test Revision

Students have a revision sheet which tells them what they need to revise from their exercise books, which they also have. I checked with them yesterday that they all had the information in their books so there should be no issues to do with “missing” work! Any other problems, students can pop up and see me!

Factors affecting climate

Students are to complete their work on factors affecting climate: either a worksheet, or a cartoon strip, or 6 paragraphs in their books.

Students have taken photos of the relevant pages from the textbook.

Or students have been told to come up any lunchtime, except Mondays (due to Year 11 revision), to use the textbook to complete their homework

Settlement Project Assessment

Y7 Settlement Project

Students are to complete their project. Attached is a sheet with all that needs to be covered. It can be presented in a Word document (no Powerpoint, and font no bigger than 14) or hand-written. 3 sides minimum is the expectation, excluding diagrams, pictures, sketches.

Printing can be done at school – work can be emailed to me at school, on:

All students know what to do and how to complete it – we’ve gone over it in class. They can come up to my room any lunchtime to work on it, use the Internet, etc, except Mondays (due to Y11 revision)

Roman Society

Students are to complete a booklet filling in the blanks, using the words from each word-box beside each section. There are 5 pages to complete

Roman Soldier Diary

Students are to complete their diary of a Roman soldier based at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall

It is to be minimum 1 page of exercise book and includes 5 days of diary entries which can be consecutive or not. Students have a sheet with information on to help them plus guidelines on what to write for each day were also provided as scaffolding.

If students need support or wish to use the textbook for further information they can come up any lunchtime

Roman Soldier Poster

Students are to complete a poster advertising for a Roman legionary for the Roman army. They are to use persuasive language and detail to entice people to join. This could include their weapons, food, lifestyle, adventure, pay, etc.