Flies, flies, flies.



PARA 1:  Flies, flies, flies.  The WHOLE thing needs to be completed.

PARA 2:  A bird soaring across the granite sky would see, far below, hell itself.  Hell with all its fiends and flames.  It might wonder what had become of humanity.  It might be relieved as it views with its beady eye this mess that it can escape.  It could fly on.  Swiftly.  Free.  Or it might  not care.

Framework: A bird VERB across the ADJECTIVE sky would see, far below,METAPHOR. CONTINUATION OF METAPHOR.  It might wonder ….  It might be relieved as it views with its beady eye this mess that it can escape.  SEVERAL SHORT SENTENCES FOR IMPACT.

PARA 3: Consider the man in white. My heart is beating out of time and my stomach lurches.  Blood punching in my ears sounds like a pressure gauge, or an engine at full throttle with the pistons pumping.  My fists clench and unclench as the sweat begins to rip through my pores like an old friend you left for good but still keep coming back to. The panic engulfs me like flames; I am out of control.  REMEMBER TO CHANGE THIS TO THIRD PERSON.  You also MUST adapt this rather than simply copying.    If only…; if only…; if only….  Then…

PARA 4: In years to come – perhaps even next month- this will be remembered.  Not, perhaps, by the history books, but by those who were there.  It will be passed down by word of mouth from person to person to person.  It will become a part of social memory, of family pride, of an individual’s life story.

PARA 5:  For now, though, all I can see is….



Bring to class an advert in print so that we can test our growing critical literacy!  It does not matter what the advert is for.  If you do not have access to a newspaper or magazine, you can google an advert an print the image.


Learn all ten spellings from your spelling booklet (or fewer, if you were still going at the end of the lesson).  Remember to try all strategies, including the one we looked at today 🙂




Edward Scissorhands

We are studying gothic writing.  Please watch the first 15 minutes of Edward Scissorhands to think about how gothic ideas have been used.  It’s particularly good because the gothic contrasts effectively with the other society presented in the film.

You can watch the first 15 mins: on DVD if you or someone you know has it; on You Tube, although you might have to search a bit for it; possibly on Netflix.  If all else fails, you will easily access the trailer for the film (which isn’t 15 mins but it creates an appropriate atmosphere) on You Tube.  You do not need to make notes as this is for discussion during one of Friday’s lessons.  I just want you to have things in your mind’s eye.

Accelerated Reader

It is absolutely essential that you are getting on top of your AR books.

This means at least 20 minutes reading each night for homework, 10 minutes at the start of each English lesson, and the rolling weekly AR lesson.