Poetry Analysis Practice

Remember to read back through everything you’ve done (you’ve got your books) and think carefully about rainbow analysis and your opening impression:

The impression I et from this poem is that ___________________________

Significantly/Importantly the phrase/image/word(s) ___________________create an atmosphere of__________________________________________________

It’s almost as if____________________________________________________


I will try and link the analysis mats here but, if I can’t, you will find them if you scroll through my posts 🙂

If you’ve already done 3 paragraphs on Dystopian Children, you need only do one more.  If you haven’t yet completed three, that is what you need to aim for.

7 Bronte

Write a poem about a bird, using the same structure – beats per line and number of lines – as ‘The Eagle’.  You may use the picture and word bank (in the document below/glued in your book) to help you with your ideas.

Please draft, edit and re-draft your work until you are happy with the final version.

Challenge: Can you write a simile in your last line, like Alfred Lord Tennyson?

Link: Homework. Write a poem about a bird.