Y7 Visual Elements Page

Please complete the Form using sheet handed out FORM (click to print) in one section of your Visual Elements page and complete a TEXTURE section using collaged papers. Please keep them flattish so that they don’t interrupt with drawing on future pages, such as sweet wrappers, fine sandpaper, etc – no screwed up balls of tissue paper. Come up to Art on Mon, Wed or Fri for help and to raid our scrap box.

Peter Jackson Report

Students are to write up their report in their booklet. We have started this in class so they know what they are doing. They can see me lunchtimes before the lesson for help if needed

Y7 Draw a bee

Select one of the bee images to draw in pencil. Draw in your sketchbook on the page we printed gold honeycomb pattern onto. I would suggest you fit it in on a white bit of the page. It is fine if bits overlap the gold. Keep it a similar size as on the sheet. Try to be as accurate as possible without tracing! If you have lost your sheet collect another one from Art (in the box labelled Y7 along from the computer) or see Mrs Truch on Mon, Wed or Fris.

Here are the bee pics. Bee images

Making a mask task

Make a 3D mask to be handed in to your first lesson back after half term.

It can be any culture you like. Think about your choice of colours – only use glitter if that is appropriate to the culture you have chosen. Look for ideas on the internet. I have set up a Pinterest board to help with ideas. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/kellinatruch/y7-mask-making/

See me at a lunchtime for idea or materials before half term if you need.


There will be a prize for the most effort and outstanding work.

Y7 African Mask Moodboard

Create a moodboard showing different African masks.

Create a background (coffee or mud would work too). Print out pics of African masks, cut out and glue on top. You could draw from some masks too or draw patterns in the gaps. Keep the colours in line with the African masks you have found.

Y7 Food photography

Take some photographs of food. Think about healthy and unhealthy combinations, such as brussel sprouts coming out of a biscuit package, an orange with a choc orange slice. Vegetable kebab with a marshmallow on it. You can take pics on phones and bring them that way or on a camera (at own risk – can be delivered to Art in am and collected at the end of the day). Even better print the pics – easier to draw from anyway. Pics can also be emailed to me to print – ktruch@appleby.cumbria.sch.uk.

Please see me if this is difficult and I will help at school instead.

There is a prize for the best photo – do think about rules of composition that we covered a few lessons ago.