Make a mask task

Make a 3D mask to be handed in to your first lesson back after half term.

It can be any culture you like. Look for ideas on the internet. I have set up a Pinterest board to help with ideas.

See me at a lunchtime for idea or materials before half term if you need.


There will be a prize for the most effort and outstanding work.

Y7 Mask Moodboard

Create a moodboard showing different African masks.

Create a background (coffee or mud would work too). Print out pics of African masks, cut out and glue on top. You could draw from some masks too or draw patterns in the gaps. Keep the colours in line with the African masks you have found.

7M Art Alive Magazine task

Two options:

  1. Select a painting from 4 choices and write up to 100 words explaining why that painting should be selected to go on the front cover of a magazine. Use artistic Vocab (sheet to help). Make sure you particularly focus on colour but you can mention other visual elements as well. No more than 100 words.

Artist analysis task (Page 1)

Art Alive magazine task

2. Read the paragraph about Van Gogh’s bedroom painting and answer the questions.

Artist analysis task  (Page 2)