Year 10 Chemistry February 2020 Half Term Revision work

You should revise the first 5 topics: Atomic Structure, Bonding, Quantitative Chemistry, Chemical Changes and Energy Changes.

Below are links to the specifications, BBC Bitesize revion website and, for each topic, a checklist & some questions (some of these “quickfire question sheets have a linked YouTube video).

GCSE Specification (first 5 topics)

BBC Bitesize Revision

1. Atomic structure & Periodic Table checklist

1. Atomic Structure & Periodic Table QuickFire Questions

2. Bonding Checklist

2. Bonding, Structure & Properties QuickFire Questions

3. Quantitative Checklist

3. Quantitative QuickFire Questions

4. Chemical Changes Checklist

4. Chemical Changes QuickFire Questions

5. Energy Changes Checklist

5. Energy Changes QuickFire Questions