Y11 Revision

Students are to revise the following topics. They have a copy of this too:

Paper 1: Crime, Punishment and the Historical Environment. 1hr15mins

  • Poverty and crime in Whitechapel
  • Vigilance Committee
  • Tolpuddle Martyrs and Conscientious Objectors – how each were treated by the government: what was similar and what was different. This is an addition to the original list…….
  • Policing 1900-present day
  • Law enforcement change/continuity Saxon-Norman England
  • Type and cause of crime 1500-1900

Paper 2: American West & Anglo-Saxon and Norman England. 2 papers to be done in any order in 1hr45mins. That means 55mins per paper.

American West:

  • Consequences of the Fort Laramie Treaty 1868
  • Narrative Account of the Mormon migration 1846-7
  • Importance of: changes in ranching for cowboys; the Exoduster movement for the growth of settlement; the extermination of the buffalo on the Plains Indian’s way of life

Anglo-Saxon & Norman England:

  • 2 features of castles
  • Why there was a succession crisis in 1066
  • The reasons for the failure of the Revolt of the Earls 1075
  • Consequences of the Domesday Book