Mathematics All years

Maths work

All classes have work set

  1. Mathswatch – videos and worksheets years 7 8 9 10 and 11
  2. Corbett maths – videos and worksheets
  3. Maths genie -A Level maths work
  4. Worksheets issued to pupils at school
  5. Moodle – you login with your name and year of entry.
  6. Please contact us if you have any queries. Thank you and stay safeĀ from Ms Auchterlonie


Catch-up work

Students are to make sure all work is caught up with by Friday – they have stickers in their books where bits of work is missing.

The Road to World War 2 – Causes

Students are to complete their poster on the causes of World War 2 – the road to war.

They have the information sheet – there are 6 sections.

They can use my room at lunchtimes to work in their pairs, get help, or use felts, rulers, etc

Russia by 1914

Students are to complete ther table from their Red textbooks p39 Activity 1 as a summing up of Tsarist Russia. Instead of doing this as a table, they can do it in written sections. The important part is the judgement

Causes of World War 2 – the Road to War

Students are to complete their posters on the causes of WW2 – they have information booklets and are working in pairs. Any issues with working together, they can see me any lunchtime to work, to access pens, or get help. This was given out as homework in class on Monday

British science week poster

Our diverse planet

Visit the website to find out more about the poster competition. Entries can either be handed in to me or entered via the website.

Roman Game Assessment

Students are to complete their Roman Game assessment. They have a copy of the rules on how to do this, and all the necessary information – any more help/use of textbooks can be had by coming up any lunchtime. Students can also use my room at lunchtimes to work in their pairs to complete it, or use textbooks/ felts, etc