10 Bronte and 11 Keats (Mrs Cross) English Literature revision for Poetry

The following tasks will support revision of the poems in the poetry anthology, in preparation for the English Literature exam.

  1. Attached are 4 worksheets, for 4 different themes: devotion, loss, adoration and power.  On each sheet, select at least three poems which can be linked by the selected theme and fill the grid in using supporting evidence (quotations) from your chosen poems.  Poetry Worksheets – themes Adoration  Loss  Devotion Power
  2. Use the attached worksheet Key Quotations to help your learn quotations from all of the poems you have studied.  Choose the three most significant quotations for each poem and learn them. Key Quotations

10Bronte (Mrs Cross) English Revision for A Christmas Carol Feb 2020

Revision for the A Christmas Carol section of the English Literature exam should be done using the following tasks:

  1.  Homework this week was to complete the attached sheet on ‘the knocker and fear‘. The knocker and fear
  2.  You should already have completed this, ready for Tuesday’s lesson.  Please now use this sheet to help you write a 6 paragraph response to the full question on the sheet.  This essay should be much like the Scrooge essay you completed recently, when you used the hexagons to plan.  Aim for 3 paragraphs for part a) about the extract and 3 paragraphs for part b) about fear in the rest of the novel.
  3.  Complete the attached worksheet A Christmas Carol: Top Ten Theme Quotations to help you learn and understand some of the key quotations from the novel. A-Christmas-Carol—Top-Quotations-(Lesson-16)             
  4. Re-read sections of the novel that you may not remember or understand as well as others.

Y12 and Y13 Cambridge Technicals IT practical work

Practical work has been emailed home to your parents.  This will need to be completed this week using the Class Notebook at www.office.com.  Even if you do not have access to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint at home, through the Class Notebook you can use the online versions of this software.  Save your work in the homework section of your Class Notebook.  Email me if your parents did not receive the email or if you have any questions.  I will send theory work separately.

7 Curie

Make a model of a specialised cell. Research the features and be prepared to be ready to teach others about it. A model with bullet points of relevant information should be brought to the first lesson after half term. Pupils have had guidance as to suitable materials to use.

Possibilities include:

red blood cell, ciliated cell, nerve cell, egg, sperm, xylem, root hair

Interview with a Gladiator

Students are to use their knowledge from last week’s video, notes they made and the information sheet they’ve been given to complete their interview, which should be between 1-2 pages in length and include both the questions and answers.