Revision for mocks

A reminder that students should be revising for their mock exams starting after half-term.

They are doing Paper 3 for History and must revise the following topics:

  • early years of the Nazi Party – 1919-23
  • the police state: 1933-39, which includes the Gestapo, the SS, the concentration camps, the SD, controlling the law and controlling religion
  • Nazi policies towards women

WW1 spelling test

Students are to learn the 1st 15 words/phrases from their 2nd key word sheet, titled 1914-45. This goes up to and including the word “tactic”. These sheets have been stuck into the back of their exercise books

Romans Spelling Test

Students are to learn all the spellings from the sheet stuck into the back inside cover of their exercise books. Every students has had their book checked for these spellings.