Mary Queen of Scots cartoon strip

Students are to complete their cartoon story-board on the life of Mary Queen of Scots. They have an information sheet and are to choose 6 events that they think are the most important ones in her life, write a caption on it, then draw a picture which describes/depicts their caption.

Y7 Wings

Fri group deadline 6th Dec

Mon group deadline 25th Nov

If you had wings what would they look like?

Either draw them across a double page or craft them out of any materials you want and any size you want. People who make a real effort will be rewarded.

It must be in colour and amazing!

Employment under the Nazis

Students have a choice.

Either: do all 14 questions from question sheet, excluding exam question.

Or: write notes about the following:

Employment – RAD, Autobahns, Rearmament, Invisible Unemployment

Nazi Organisations – changes in living standards, DAF, KdF, SdA