Tudor Estate Agent poster

Students are to complete a poster selling a late Tudor house. It must include emotive language, persuading the reader to buy the house by emphasising all the ‘mod-cons’ available at this time in a modern Tudor house. They have taken photos of any information needed, or students can come up any lunchtime to access textbooks, felts, or ask for help

Cawnpore Poem

Students are to complete their poem on Cawnpore and the massacre there during the Indian Mutiny of the 1850s. They are to make sure that they put in precise detail on what happened at Cawnpore, and that this is in chronological order. The poem does not need to rhyme or follow any grammatical rules!

Students have the information sheet to help them. They can also come up any lunchtime for help or to use felts

Doddle revision quiz

Complete the doddle revision quiz about speed and acceleration.

You must get over 80%. If your score is below this you need to repeat the quiz until you reach 80%.

any problems with logging in, completing the quiz or resetting it, come and see me.

Hazard symbols

In and around your homes, find at least 3 hazard symbols on everyday products.

Take a photo on your phone (you will be allowed your phone in class for this lesson), print a photo or bring the label to the lesson.

Hitler: From Chancellor to Dictator

Students are to complete all questions up to the END of the “Night of the Long Knives” section. All have the question sheet and textbooks.

The remaining 3 questions on the “Death of Hindenburg” are to be completed for the Friday (4/10)

Cawnpore Poem

Students are to complete their poem on the Cawnpore Massacre. They have the information sheet and they should know what they are doing. If they need help, or felts, etc, they can see me any lunchtime before the lesson for this

9 VOLTA – Atomic Structure & Isotopes

Complete worksheet on atomic structure and isotopes – use your notes in your book and the internet to help you.

Make sure all sheets are stuck into your book for Monday’s lesson and you have underlined all your dates and titles – ready for a presentation inspection.