The Road to the Reformation

Student are to create an A3 poster showing the road to the Reformation in the 1500s – the religious changes that happened during this century. They have covered this in lesson and also have an information booklet for this task.

Many students have also taken photos of the relevant pages in the textbook. Students can also come up any lunchtime to use a textbook or to ask for help.

Students must write in detail about what all 4 monarch did about religion: Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I. The work must also be presented neatly.

Year 08 French Mr Mills’ group

Write up the 3 job descriptions in your best book. Include :

What job you do.

Where you do it and who with.

What you do (use regular “er” verbs and irregular verbs from your vocab book)

Opinions – both negative and positive.

120 words minimum. Have your rough work checked before you write in your best book.