7 Bronte

Write a poem about a bird, using the same structure – beats per line and number of lines – as ‘The Eagle’.  You may use the picture and word bank (in the document below/glued in your book) to help you with your ideas.

Please draft, edit and re-draft your work until you are happy with the final version.

Challenge: Can you write a simile in your last line, like Alfred Lord Tennyson?

Link: Homework. Write a poem about a bird.

BIDMAS Homework

Students have a homework sheet stuck into their exercise books.

Students must answer the questions using the correct order of operations.  Also in books

e.g.Q B4  6 – 3 x 2 – Do 3 x 2 first. Then take away from the 6.

Please see me on Monday if need help.

Food Y 8 set 1 – Mrs Benson

Complete the star profile evaluation sheet based on your risotto made at school. Evaluation sheet attached here: Risotto star profile homework sheet

Ask other people to grade your risotto and mark their results on the graph too in different colours. You have 2 weeks to complete this task so please find time to come and see me if you need help