Obituary for famous scientist

Using the worksheet to help you, write an obituary for Marie Curie (the famous scientist our class has been named after). Don’t forget to include a picture of her, where and when she was born and the work she did as a scientist.

The work should be hand written (best writing please) in the front of your book.

Ecology doddle quiz

Log on to

Complete the ecology quiz. You must get 80% or higher. If your score is below 80% you need to retake the test. Any problems logging on or redoing the test come and see me at a lunchtime or break.

Variables questions

All need to complete the core questions (qu 1). I would like some of you to have a go at the challenge questions as well (qu 2).

All answers can be written on the sheet.

Any problems- see me, go to homework club or come to science homework club on Friday lunchtime.

7 Volta Science

Pupils have a cartoon picture of an unsafe laboratory. Identify at least 6 hazards. For each one they should state the risk from that hazard and identify control measures. They have 3 model sentences to follow.