Y8 Romanticism

Produce a Romanticism information sheet.

One side of A4.

Include what Romanticism is, when it was, who was part of it (in Literature, arts, music, etc), what the main ideas/concerns of the movement was.

Add pictures (especially of art work), key quotations, famous works – make it appealing for display!

Use the following websites to help you:




Of Mice and Men

Research book covers for the novel over time.

Choose your favourite and make a note in your planner of five examples of symbolism in the image.  You need to be able to explain what themes and ideas are represented through the examples that you choose.

Print off a colour copy of the version you have chosen, or take a picture of it on your phone so we can see which one you’re talking about.


Read to the end of Volume 2, Chapter 3 and put key points in you Little Book of Excellence.  LC and CW learn 10 quotations from your texts.

Use a quotation for your home screen which you change every couple of days!

Animal Farm

Using wiki draw, draw an animal of your choice and do exactly as we did for Boxer.  So, you will need to Google some key quotations for that animal and then add a list of abstract nouns and adjectives which best sum up their character.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men book Pg 17  bullet point 1 and 3.


Research the Salinas Valley and in full sentences explain what you have discovered about this place.  Remember, you want to try as much as possible to focus on what it may have been like in the 1920s rather than now.  Then research the geography of the area (specifically Soledad) and try to create a map with key features on it that we can add to as we read the book. This should be done in your ex. book under the title ‘Of Mice and Men’.  If you do it on the computer, please print it out and stick it in to your book.