Weather Test Revision

Students have a revision sheet which tells them what they need to revise from their exercise books, which they also have. I checked with them yesterday that they all had the information in their books so there should be no issues to do with “missing” work! Any other problems, students can pop up and see me!

Revision for test

Please revise for test on Weather, to be held next Tuesday 23 April. You will need to know the following:

  • Weather is the present conditions of the atmosphere
  • A microclimate exists when something affects the local surroundings such as shelter, aspect, physical features, surface or buildings.
  • You need to explain and draw a diagram to explain: convectional,relief and frontal rainfall
  • You need to know which part of the UK is the wettest and coldest and why

Y9/1 Geog

Use textbook p70/71 to complete your case study on the Thar desert.

Be sure to explain how/why the desert provides opportunities for development. This means developing your points into linked sentences, showing how money can be made.
e.g. The Thar desert provides opportunities for development due to its mineral reserves. For example, there are reserves of gypsum, which is used in making plaster in the construction industry.
Minerals are exported around the world, providing local employment, as well as generating government income through taxes. This can be used to improve services such as education.

  • Subsistence farming:
  • Irrigation and commercial farming:
  • Mineral extraction:
  • Energy:
  • Tourism:

Factors affecting climate

Students are to complete their work on factors affecting climate: either a worksheet, or a cartoon strip, or 6 paragraphs in their books.

Students have taken photos of the relevant pages from the textbook.

Or students have been told to come up any lunchtime, except Mondays (due to Year 11 revision), to use the textbook to complete their homework

11D Geog

Produce a detailed poster for the UK government, to show the strategies being used to reduce regional differences in the UK (P248/9)

  • You must describe (using examples) each strategy
  • You must then explain how this may reduce regional differences (reduce the north-south divide)


  • Local Enterprise Partnerships (inc. Lancashire example)
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Transport improvements
  • ‘Northern Powerhouse’
  • Encouragement of foreign investment