Students are to complete a leaflet for Stresemann, to persuade people of Germany to vote for him in the 1929 elections. They should highlight everything he had done for Germany between 1924-29 both economically and in foreign affairs. They have completed a worksheet on this so have all the information needed. Some students have also taken photos of the textbook.

Factory short story

Students are to complete a short story on life in a mill in the 1800s. We have discussed how to do this in class and students have 3 sheets – 2 for information and 1 with the success criteria on it. The minimum is 1.5 pages of their exercise books.

How did 13 year olds spend their time in the 1800s?

Students are to complete worksheet 24, following the instructions. I have also gone through this in class. They have been told if they need plain paper for their own 24 hour clock, to get it from my room.

Students have been given an extra week to do this homework due to me being on a school trip when they next have history. Therefore there’s no excuses for not doing it! Any “lost” sheets can be replaced before the lesson so students should complete it well in advance – they can hand it to me if completed early!

The Golden Years Weimar Germany – the economy and society

Students are to complete the grid on this topic. They know what to do and where to get the information from – either they have taken pictures of the relevant pages or they can come up any lunchtime except Mon 3rd-Wed 5th to borrow a book. Some students are doing the work in their book instead, either as bullet points or full paragraphs.

Weimar Republic Economic Problems

Students are to complete the 12 mark exam-style question from p26 of textbook. They can come up any lunchtime except Mondays (Y11 revision) to access the textbook. They are expected to write 3 paragraphs giving 3 reasons why the Wiemar Republic faced economic problems 1919-1923. We have gone through technique and possible reasons. Any issues, students can also see me before the next lesson which is their deadline

Witchcraft essay

Students are to complete the 16 mark question from p67 of textbooks on witchcraft trials. They must remember to argue the importance of more than just religion and make a judgement on which was the most important reason. That may be religion, or it may be another factor. Comparing the importance of the various reasons is the key to success.

Any issues, students are to see me before next Wednesday at any lunchtime except Mondays (due to Y11 revision)

King John & Edward I

Students are to make sure Q2, Q3, Q5a from the worksheet are completed. Any issues, see Mrs Cullen at lunchtimes.

Students are also to complete their sections on what happened in Wales and Scotland under Edward I. Minimum is half a page for each. Some are doing this in bullet points, most are writing in full sentences. Again, to access textbooks or help, see Mrs Cullen at lunchtimes

Treaty of Versailles

Students are to do Q2 from p19 of textbook explaining why the German people held a grievance against sections of the Treaty of Versailles such as Diktat, Loss of Land, Restrictions in their armed forces, Reparations, Dolstoss – they can come up lunchtimes to use the textbooks and complete homeworks; however many have taken photos of the relevant pages

Farming Essay

Students are to complete their essay on farming. We went through this in class. Minimum is one page of exercise book. Any issues, see Mrs Cullen at lunchtimes.