Year 8 Maths – Mr Noble

We have been working on adding and subtracting negative numbers using a number line. Students have a homework sheet glued into their exercise books. Students to complete Questions 1,2 and 3.

For Question 1, students to use the number lines provided.(also stuck in books) Follow the example set.

Students can see me for help, during breaks and lunchtimes on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, but homework must be handed in on Wednesday 11th September.

Year 12 ICT

Year 12 ICT

Put the notes given into an A4 ring binder. Complete the uses, advantages and disadvantages sheets for keyboard, numeric keypad, mouse and touchpads making sure that your answers show technical knowledge and understanding.


Please ensure the following are completed from yesterday’s lesson:

  1. purple pen (although it doesn’t have to be purple!) your essay to show that you have made improvements based on the sample paragraphs and the mark scheme;
  2. annotation of the extract for D, playing close attention to the q set.