Food Y10B – Fats questions and flash card

Complete the Fats questions stuck in your exercise book. Questions attached here – Homework task – practice questions – if struggling to answer them come to the food room and collect a text book to help you.

Create an A5 flash card in colour for your given Mineral. Use the Vitamin and Mineral info sheet to help. REMEMBER to make the flash card simple, bold, colourful and informative. Keep writing simple and clear and use images. Instructions and information sheet attached here – Vitamins and Minerals flash card instructions   –   Mineral Guide Vitamin Guide


Food Y9 set 2 – Ingredients – Mrs Benson

Ingredients for Italian dish (spaghetti bolognese/meatballs and pasta/lasagne). You have been given the appropriate recipe, but all options are attached to this post;

REMEMBER – cooking on Friday 9th November, second week back after half term)



Spaghetti bolognese

An appropriate oven proof dish is needed for lasagne (serves 2)

The spaghetti bolognese (serves 4) and meatballs (serve 4) need a sealable box to take home in.

Food Y 8 set 1 – Mrs Benson

Complete the star profile evaluation sheet based on your risotto made at school. Evaluation sheet attached here: Risotto star profile homework sheet

Ask other people to grade your risotto and mark their results on the graph too in different colours. You have 2 weeks to complete this task so please find time to come and see me if you need help