Nettles and Valentine image strips

Kamikaze and CotLB poetry strips


My sample for different poems is in the link above.  Remember that you will need to write the language method (metaphor, alliteration etc) used in the central column rather than copying the example.

You need to fill in the first two columns but leave the third blank.  These need to be printed out -preferably in colour- for Tuesday’s lessons.

The Poison Tree

Read through ‘The Poison Tree’ which you’ve copied and pasted into your document.  You need to identify the words you don’t know (or are unsure of) and search for their meaning.  You are then going to create a little glossary of all the unfamiliar words underneath the poem.  You must not simply copy and paste an entire dictionary definition; instead, read for the bit that makes sense in terms of the way the word is used in the poem, and copy and paste that explanation.


GCSE Bitesize > English literature> Edexcel>Shakespeare>Macbeth


Act 1 (so up until, but not including, the death of Duncan)

Characters – Macbeth, Duncan and the witches.


My Last Duchess.


Using Mr Bruff, Stacey Reay and GCSE Bitesize (you can use AQA or Edexcel for this), you need to annotate directly into your anthology.

Intro to Romanticism

Produce a Romanticism information sheet.

One side of A4.

Include what Romanticism is, when it was, who was part of it (in Literature, arts, music, etc), what the main ideas/concerns of the movement was.

Add pictures (especially of art work), key quotations, famous works – make it appealing for display!

Use the following websites to help you:

Flies, flies, flies.



PARA 1:  Flies, flies, flies.  The WHOLE thing needs to be completed.

PARA 2:  A bird soaring across the granite sky would see, far below, hell itself.  Hell with all its fiends and flames.  It might wonder what had become of humanity.  It might be relieved as it views with its beady eye this mess that it can escape.  It could fly on.  Swiftly.  Free.  Or it might  not care.

Framework: A bird VERB across the ADJECTIVE sky would see, far below,METAPHOR. CONTINUATION OF METAPHOR.  It might wonder ….  It might be relieved as it views with its beady eye this mess that it can escape.  SEVERAL SHORT SENTENCES FOR IMPACT.

PARA 3: Consider the man in white. My heart is beating out of time and my stomach lurches.  Blood punching in my ears sounds like a pressure gauge, or an engine at full throttle with the pistons pumping.  My fists clench and unclench as the sweat begins to rip through my pores like an old friend you left for good but still keep coming back to. The panic engulfs me like flames; I am out of control.  REMEMBER TO CHANGE THIS TO THIRD PERSON.  You also MUST adapt this rather than simply copying.    If only…; if only…; if only….  Then…

PARA 4: In years to come – perhaps even next month- this will be remembered.  Not, perhaps, by the history books, but by those who were there.  It will be passed down by word of mouth from person to person to person.  It will become a part of social memory, of family pride, of an individual’s life story.

PARA 5:  For now, though, all I can see is….