10C French Ms Rowan

In rough, complete the translation on page 49 from French to English.

Use wordreference.com for any language you are unsure of (NOT Google translate!!)

Year 9 (group 1) French

Complete the diary grid (Le Weekend) with 10 phrases only, saying what you are going to do and who with. Try to add an opinion (ce sera… / ce ne sera pas…).

Extension: change the person from ‘je vais’ to say someone else, such as “Mon pere va…” or “nous allons…”

Year 11B French Ms Rowan

Learn the next series of words for a vocab test (La Planete en danger).

Start to rough draft the oral questions for the environment – this can be done over the next two weeks.

Year 9 (group 2) French


Title is The Near Future (Le Futur Proche)

Using page 137 in your Expo 3 textbooks, copy out the notes on the near future tense. Think about using a highlighter or different colour for the points in bold.

Write out and complete the questions 1-10. Underline the word you put on the line. This will either be a part of ‘aller’ or an infinitive . Use the booklet of sheets from the lessons this week to help you.

Year 9 (group 1) French

In NEAT, copy up the notes on the Near Future tense from page 137 of the Expo 3 textbook.

Complete the sentences 1-10 adding either a part of the verb ‘aller’ in the blanks, or an infinitive for questions 3, 6 and 10.

11B French Ms Rowan

Learn the environment vocab ready for a test on Friday.

Work on the environment booklet to practise this vocabulary in a word puzzle format.

Also, continue with preparation of all general conversation oral questions.

11B French Ms Rowan

Write on A4 paper.

Write an essay about what you eat and drink by answering the 6 questions on the sheet, giving a variety of tenses (present, past and future) and opinions.

Use all of the worksheets and key phrases to help you.

Aim to write about 250 words.