Element cubes

Complete your element cube that you started in the lesson.

Carry out further research to add information to each face of the cube.

Information should include: name, symbol, where it is found, uses, reactivity, state of matter.

Breathing problems factsheet

Use the instruction sheet to help you complete the factsheet about breathing problems that you started in the lesson.

Remember you can choose 1 or several.

If you have any problems accessing a computer, saving your work or printing your work you should come and see me or go to homework club during lunchtime.

Please bring a printed copy of your work to Thursdays lesson.


Doddle revision quiz

Complete the doddle revision quiz about speed and acceleration.

You must get over 80%. If your score is below this you need to repeat the quiz until you reach 80%.

any problems with logging in, completing the quiz or resetting it, come and see me.

Hazard symbols

In and around your homes, find at least 3 hazard symbols on everyday products.

Take a photo on your phone (you will be allowed your phone in class for this lesson), print a photo or bring the label to the lesson.