Y7 Wings

Fri group deadline 6th Dec

Mon group deadline 25th Nov

If you had wings what would they look like?

Either draw them across a double page or craft them out of any materials you want and any size you want. People who make a real effort will be rewarded.

It must be in colour and amazing!

Rangoli design


Add your own design to the Rangoli sheet above handed out in lesson. Add colour thinking about using tertiary and complementary colours.

See the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkEHm5g6Khc  to see a design being made.

You could always have a go and make one yourself.

Y8 Orla Kiely/Islamic pattern homework

Present the info you have collected on Islamic art or Orla Kiely.

In the lesson you have created a background and collected coloured papers. Cut out your images and mount them with the coloured paper. Add a title and write out the facts you found. In the space try to create your own version of the work – you could use cut coloured paper shapes, colouring pencils, watercolours or any other materials you have. See examples below

Please come up to lunch on Mon, Wed or Fri lunchtime for help or to use materials.

Y10 art

Make sure your books are up to date. Use the tick list to check off tasks that should have been completed.

Decorated your front cover to match your theme
Set yourself up on Pinterest, looked at the Y10 interesting sketchbooks and added some to the board yourself
Pencil drawing/s
Ink drawings—nib, pen or stick with Indian Ink or Quink ink
Mono-prints—produced, developed (i.e. with pen, colour) and glued into book
Moodboard in sketchbook
Produced interesting backgrounds
Acrylic painting
Watercolour painting

Y7 Visual Elements Page

Please complete the Form using sheet handed out FORM (click to print) in one section of your Visual Elements page and complete a TEXTURE section using collaged papers. Please keep them flattish so that they don’t interrupt with drawing on future pages, such as sweet wrappers, fine sandpaper, etc – no screwed up balls of tissue paper. Come up to Art on Mon, Wed or Fri for help and to raid our scrap box.