Y8 Romanticism

Produce a Romanticism information sheet.

One side of A4.

Include what Romanticism is, when it was, who was part of it (in Literature, arts, music, etc), what the main ideas/concerns of the movement was.

Add pictures (especially of art work), key quotations, famous works – make it appealing for display!

Use the following websites to help you:




Y8 Climate change

Homework: Climate Change


  1. Write down the main reasons why young people are taking to the streets on Friday 15th March.
  2. Who has been the main inspiration for this and how did she start it?
  3. What are some of the slogans on banners and how are they persuasive? (What techniques are used and what effect do they have?)

Challenge 1: Watch the news on Friday and write down more information/facts about the event.

Challenge 2: Evaluate the impact of the event.  In your opinion, how effective do you think this protest is/has been?

7 Bronte

Write a poem about a bird, using the same structure – beats per line and number of lines – as ‘The Eagle’.  You may use the picture and word bank (in the document below/glued in your book) to help you with your ideas.

Please draft, edit and re-draft your work until you are happy with the final version.

Challenge: Can you write a simile in your last line, like Alfred Lord Tennyson?

Link: Homework. Write a poem about a bird.