7 Curie

Make a model of a specialised cell. Research the features and be prepared to be ready to teach others about it. A model with bullet points of relevant information should be brought to the first lesson after half term. Pupils have had guidance as to suitable materials to use.

Possibilities include:

red blood cell, ciliated cell, nerve cell, egg, sperm, xylem, root hair

11 Biology

All pupils have a mastery booklet (referred to as SLOP – shed loads of practice!) for the current module on Inheritance and Evolution. This provides notes and practice – partly for use in class but also for ongoing homework.

The first 100 questions should be completed for Monday. Some of this was set before Christmas.

10 Biology

All students have mastery booklets (referred to as SLOP – shed loads of practice!) for the previous module (Cell Biology) and the current module (Communicable Disease).

These provide notes and practice for use in school and at home. All should have completed relevant work on eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and on diffusion.

7 Volta Science

Pupils have a cartoon picture of an unsafe laboratory. Identify at least 6 hazards. For each one they should state the risk from that hazard and identify control measures. They have 3 model sentences to follow.