Road to Heaven

Students are to complete their poster for Wednesday – this is due during their Geography lesson which they know about. They can complete it in school in lunchtime if need be

Weimar Republic the Golden Years in Society

Students are to complete the grid on the Weimar Republic Golden Years to do with wages, unemployment, culture, theatre, women, using p34-37 of textbook. They can access the textbook at lunchtime Friday and Monday or take photos of the relevant pages

Policing through time

Students are to complete all questions from question sheet on policing. They have everything they need and can see me lunchtimes before the lesson if they require help


Students are to complete a leaflet for Stresemann, to persuade people of Germany to vote for him in the 1929 elections. They should highlight everything he had done for Germany between 1924-29 both economically and in foreign affairs. They have completed a worksheet on this so have all the information needed. Some students have also taken photos of the textbook.

Factory short story

Students are to complete a short story on life in a mill in the 1800s. We have discussed how to do this in class and students have 3 sheets – 2 for information and 1 with the success criteria on it. The minimum is 1.5 pages of their exercise books.

How did 13 year olds spend their time in the 1800s?

Students are to complete worksheet 24, following the instructions. I have also gone through this in class. They have been told if they need plain paper for their own 24 hour clock, to get it from my room.

Students have been given an extra week to do this homework due to me being on a school trip when they next have history. Therefore there’s no excuses for not doing it! Any “lost” sheets can be replaced before the lesson so students should complete it well in advance – they can hand it to me if completed early!