Revision for test

Please revise for test on Weather, to be held next Tuesday 23 April. You will need to know the following:

  • Weather is the present conditions of the atmosphere
  • A microclimate exists when something affects the local surroundings such as shelter, aspect, physical features, surface or buildings.
  • You need to explain and draw a diagram to explain: convectional,relief and frontal rainfall
  • You need to know which part of the UK is the wettest and coldest and why

Settlement project

Please complete your settlement project. This can be either a powerpoint project, in  Microsoft word or an annotated video. It should be based on research about your own settlement. Please refer to your information for more details

Leaflet on Ghana

Please complete your leaflet on Ghana.  It should contain:

Front cover – location of Ghana, careful map

Physical Geography of Ghana

  • Natural resources
  • Climate

Human Geography of Ghana

  • Population
  • Housing and settlements
  • Industry and work
  • Bordering countries

Threat of the Catholics

Please work on your leaflet about the Threat of the Catholics. You are either to write a leaflet encouraging Catholics to become priests OR write a leaflet encouraging people to look out for Catholic priests as dangerous to the state.

Please do a front cover for the leaflet and cover one bullet point on the information sheet (attached)threat of the catholics info sheet

Question on Development

Please complete your map of development, labelling all the countries on the table and colour coding them to show levels of development.

Then please answer the question:

What is the general pattern of distribution of development?

You should write at least one paragraph, using the help given on the handout. Good answers should describe the general pattern, give examples, and also identify any countries which don’t fit the pattern

question on development


Roman Army job advert

Please complete your job advertisement for a legionary in the Roman Army.  This should include reasons for joining the army, for example –

  • Join a winning team
  • Fight for your country
  • Good pay

and qualities needed, eg

  • You need to be a Roman citizen
  • Fit and strong
  • Aged 18-20